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Explainer Videos

The immense intensity of just being alive!

The power of explainer videos is more than just cluster of words and exhausting imagery. Well done explainer video with sharp edgy visuals can catch the eye of any viewer in a split second. Explainer and infographic videos or more like a compelling instrument that rapidly showcase goods and services offered in the most impacting manner. There is a realm of energy in explainer videos, ideas that focus on a showcasing B2B and B2C interactive responses, advertising and other forms of informal communication. Our explainer videos entail a scope of organisational growth and image advancement. These videos provide clarity by utilizing enlivened graphical components and content that is impacting.Prevalent trends have demonstrated that the normal video seeing length is quite short so if potential clients need to comprehend the message you are endeavouring to pass on in under 60 seconds.

Product Videos

Wecreate connections with our product video from starting idea to finish. Products videos

We create connections with our product videos right from the start to the finish. We discover patterns that characterize progressive market growth of product. Our product videos outline successful and areas that instantly establish connection with viewers. We generate videos that define inspire educate and energize new clients by showcasing the advantages of your product. Creating impressive videos and highlight the uniqueness of each product accelerates market growth and increase in sales figures. Depict and present the uniqueness of your productsin a clear and fascinating manner with reasonable music which streams all through the video creation channels.

Stellar Animations
Stellar animations

Training Videos

Stellar animations offers an exhaustive scope of video creations that facilitate training administered by HR supervisors departmental heads planning and execution committees consultants and everybody involved in the preparation and persuasion of staff to work as per organizational objectives. We are a group of script writing professionals story board craftsmen video editors, visual illustrators and others involved in planning and executing convincing training videos.

Live Action Videos

At Stellar animations we offer an exhaustive scope of videos to facilitate HR supervisors, architects, counsellors, preparing directors, and other senior, mid-level management and administration. Scriptwriters, storyboard specialists, executives and camera team, video editors, movement visual originators and artists and our entire workforce plans and transformsideas into powerful convincing videos. Our approach is straightforward, geared to propel your workforce toexamine and use information to deliver results. Regardless of how expansive or little your task we legitimately comprehend the details of these videos to deliver effectiveness in work and heighten efficiency levels.

Stellar animations
Stellar animations

Animated Video Series

Animated Video Series to utilizeanimated video series to create a movement to creatively demonstrate and work unflaggingly. We build up the splendid content and pictures to exhibit a winning series of how you achieved and what you achieved and literally procedure your work by recounting to a story. Our energized characters help clients to easily identify with your story.


A promotional video gives an insightful perspective in to a business offering and showcases exactly who they are. We make good promotional videos that engender trust and highlight corporate personality. We use these to be part of a long term marketing strategy that delivers success.

Stellar animations
Stellar animations


We create specifically targeted educational videos for leading institutions that compel viewers to be able to visually engage themselves. We use demographics to ensure that they meet your targeted audience.

Educational videos we offer:

  • Distance learning videos
  • Educational promo videos
  • Classroom observations
  • Documentary
  • 2D & 3D animation
  • Teacher training videos
  • Educational software / apps videos
  • Events, awards and fundraising videos


Videos that go viral are the best videos. They create lasting impressions and that’s why we ensure we create impacting viral videos. We develop viral videos that are based on current viewer preferences and trends.

Stellar animations