Character Animations

Animated Explainer Videos – Cartoon characters, animals and mascots… all in a fun film as animated characters and creatures to tell stories and talk about subjects that make a difference in lives. The power these characters hold with powerful character role play and charismatic animation can liven any screen. We love this power and use it to showcase stories across industries.

  • 2D and 3D animated explainer videos
  • Character animated advertising
  • Creature and Character animation for broadcast and commercials


Whiteboard animation has an unmatched liveliness and in utilized when attempting to impart a mind boggling story or idea in a less entangled manner or as an approach to instruct your intended interest group. These kinds of explainer recordings are creative, fun and a genuinely affordable approach to advance your goods or services. With the correct content whiteboard explainer videos offer a good time for the watcher, while feeding information in the form of data.

Motion Graphic

There is an underlying conceptual business perspective to every product or service offered today in the market. The fundamental theoretical business point of view has an unpredictable element.  An element, that needs to make basic common sense to viewers at different marketing dimensions. Use our motion graphic videos to get the message crosswise over just simply enough for viewers to understand and relate with easily.

Photo & Text

Photo and text based animation is leveraging and customizing characterizations and photos and text based information. Stellar Animation magic is driven by our own technology that we like to refer to as Stellartolife. This technology allows us to animate just about any picture and upload and bring it to life along with information.

Stellar animations
Stellar animations


Stellar Screencast animation videos intelligently deploy screen captures and make it effective using an apt audio narration. These screencasts are captured as the screens change from one scene to another while the audio subsequently explains course of events. Screenshots after much editing are then synchronized with voice over to deliver a well crafted animation explainer video.


Infographic video production essentially is an entirety of collating different   data creatively to make an impression in the mind of the viewers. At Stellar Animations we offer translatable infographic animation video services that transform standard infographics into videos using powerful high quality visuals. Our teams working across industry verticals continually work on creating innovative infographics videos that translate customer engagement in to profitability.

Stellar animations